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We are here to share our passion for this amazing breed with you and your family. We strive to better the breed and provide you with the best companion whether that is in your home, sharing the bed or in the ring sharing a well-deserved ribbon, or like in our family where we enjoy both! 

We want you to relish in the joys of Mastiff ownership as we have- whether it is the initial greeting or the trials of puppyhood or those unforgettable moments you understand what everyone who owns a mastiff is speaking about! We are here to help your dream come to life and introducing you to our incredible breed!

Mastiffs are Family Friendly


We have built our foundation on health, structural correctness, and disposition. These three concepts are what allow us to produce happy, healthy, beautiful companions. We use technology and good old-fashioned hard work to bring your family that sweet face! We feel health testing is paramount to our success. Using this as just one of our tools to ensure our future is full of life. Allowing our future owners to worry less about what can go wrong and focus on everything that is going right. 

We are committed to your success whether you are a seasoned mastiff owner or a first time pet owner- we will be right beside you along your journey! 

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Angela Dineen

7101 Biggert Rd

London, Oh 43140


Email - A_dinneen@yahoo.com

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  • Absolutely adorable!

  • The elusive tribe! Hay is baled & the pups are ecstatic they have the fields to tromp through again!

    Debi North Cute ! I knew that coon dog found a home with you ! We are such suckers ! Lol❤️2016-06-21T01:10:38+0000
    Diekske De Vries Beautiful picture!!2016-06-21T02:43:35+0000
  • Bittersweet Lane Mastiffs added 12 new photos.Enjoy the cuteness!

    Brooke Cook I'm in love ♥️2016-06-13T09:58:02+0000
    Lucy Spencer Love little green collar boy:) ❤️2016-06-13T11:18:36+0000
    Judy Hurst Wish I was there👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻2016-06-13T11:01:00+0000
    Amy Ng Robert Ng...I want one.2016-06-13T10:36:43+0000
    Becky Word Need2016-06-13T14:38:05+0000