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We are here to share our passion for this amazing breed with you and your family. We strive to better the breed and provide you with the best companion whether that is in your home, sharing the bed or in the ring sharing a well-deserved ribbon, or like in our family where we enjoy both! 

We want you to relish in the joys of Mastiff ownership as we have- whether it is the initial greeting or the trials of puppyhood or those unforgettable moments you understand what everyone who owns a mastiff is speaking about! We are here to help your dream come to life and introducing you to our incredible breed!

Mastiffs are Family Friendly


We have built our foundation on health, structural correctness, and disposition. These three concepts are what allow us to produce happy, healthy, beautiful companions. We use technology and good old-fashioned hard work to bring your family that sweet face! We feel health testing is paramount to our success. Using this as just one of our tools to ensure our future is full of life. Allowing our future owners to worry less about what can go wrong and focus on everything that is going right. 

We are committed to your success whether you are a seasoned mastiff owner or a first time pet owner- we will be right beside you along your journey! 

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Angela Dineen

7101 Biggert Rd

London, Oh 43140


Email - A_dinneen@yahoo.com

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  • Bittersweet's Diamond in the Rockz- Rockzie, looking as majestic as she acts. She truly is such a wonderful girl!

    Sue Horton Beautiful..2015-07-28T00:25:41+0000
    Nina OToole Hetric-Turner She is very royal looking!!2015-07-28T00:33:35+0000
    Amy Combs Love her2015-07-28T00:41:00+0000
    Bittersweet Lane Mastiffs She is such a goober this was her the rest of the day2015-07-28T00:51:33+0000
    Bittersweet Lane Mastiffs & relaxing in her own personal bathtub! Lol such a stinker!2015-07-28T00:52:11+0000
    Nina OToole Hetric-Turner Oh my!!!🙀2015-07-28T00:53:36+0000
    Becky Word do you only breed brindles?2015-07-28T01:09:58+0000
    Bittersweet Lane Mastiffs No Becky Word! We do have preference to brindle & apricots but color is really only a bonus as conformation, temperament, & health are our focus!2015-07-28T01:19:27+0000
    Becky Word ive had 2 apricot and my cat it tortie2015-07-28T01:20:26+0000
    Bittersweet Lane Mastiffs They are wonderful aren't they! Feel free to share pictures! ;)2015-07-28T01:21:44+0000
    Amy Combs Gus Gus my sweet baby boy2015-07-28T01:23:01+0000
    Bittersweet Lane Mastiffs I can't believe how quickly they are growing!2015-07-28T01:25:33+0000
    Becky Word i dont have pics of erica.but i have brutus and my son.erica had cancer.she was in the Gropetti family.i aquired Brutus @3 and he didnt care for my Autistic grand daughter so he went to a home in Dayton with teenagers2015-07-28T01:26:17+0000
    Amy Combs 3 of my kids.2015-07-28T01:27:15+0000
    Bittersweet Lane Mastiffs So sorry to hear of your loss- thankfully Burtus was able to find the right home- it can be a challenge for any dog to adjust to changes in there environment. As a PSA, MCOA is currently collecting data specifically regarding cancer I'm sure they would appreciate any info you have to share!2015-07-28T01:31:20+0000
    Nina OToole Hetric-Turner Making him look like dumbo😄2015-07-28T01:34:42+0000
    Becky Word i want a baby.so i can start from scratch.Erica was a retired breeder.i got her from the Zanesville doggie pound.she was such a lover.she had a sore on her nose that wouldnt heal.another vet looked her over and noticed she had swollen glands.he got his diagnosis book out and showed us pictures.it wasnt good.my husband said i didnt cry that much when my girls got married :(2015-07-28T01:37:53+0000
    Martha Dinneen Such a beautiful picture of her😍2015-07-28T12:46:16+0000
    Megan Jorgenson-Wervey So you think Lucy looks like her sister?2015-07-29T01:36:43+0000